Väsen - April 6th

Show Time at 8:00pm / Doors Open at 7:15pm
Venue: Main Hall - 390 Morris St - Sebastopol

General Admission ADV: $25
Premium Seating: (1-8 rows Center) $30
Door Admission: $28

Three musicians with a singular sound, a playful yet accomplished interplay that seems to defy the laws of physics, an intensity with a great sense of humor, and modernity rooted in tradition. Väsen, a Swedish acoustic trio, now in its 27th year of touring together.
The parts: a five-string viola of sophisticated symphonic taste, an adventurous 12-string guitar, and a nyckelharpa (a “keyed fiddle”) deeply rooted in the traditions of Swedish folk music. All three are instrumental virtuosos in their own right, and together they form a unique supernatural being. To experience Väsen is to witness ensemble playing at its finest. View Väsen Website


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Väsen music