Rental Information & Securing a Reservation


1. Facility Viewing & Booking

The Sebastopol Community Cultural Center is open to viewing and bookings by appointment only. Please call (707) 823-1511 or email sccc@seb.org to schedule.

Before scheduling an appointment, please submit a Rental Application.

The Rental Application is located via the button at the bottom of this page. Please fully review this page before submitting your application.

You will need to provide the following information:

    1. Date (prepare additional options if there is flexibility)
    2. Time (remember to take your setup & cleanup time into consideration)
    3. Type of event
    4. # of attendees
    5. Band/DJ information
    6. Caterer information
    7. Decorator/Event Planner information

2. Reservation & Fee Policies

Rental Rates

Main Hall

Off-Peak Season
  • Off-Peak = rentals taking place in the months of January-February, October-December
  • Saturdays: $150/hr
  • Sun-Fri: $140/hr
  • Includes: Main Hall, Green Room, Blue Room, Kitchen, and 1 Facility Host

Youth Annex

  • Rentals taking place any time of year
  • Includes: Annex’s Main Room, Side Room, Kitchenette, Deck, and 1 Facility Host

Hourly rate can be prorated. (i.e. you may book 8.5 hours instead of 9 full hours)

Non-Profits: We offer a 20% discount to West County Non-Profits and a 10% discount to all Non-Profits located outside of West County.

Contract Hours

The hourly rate applies to any use of the facility by the renter including set-up, decorating, rehearsal, and clean up. When calculating your reservation end time, be sure to include any time necessary for caterers, bands, DJs, and/or guests to vacate.

Individuals associated with your event will not be allowed to enter or remain in the facility before or after times reserved, nor can facility equipment be used before or after times reserved unless pre-approved by the SCCC rental coordinator.

Exceeding your reservation time:

If you go beyond your reserved rental time you will incurr an “Overtime Rate” fee to be deducted from the Security Deposit.
The Overtime Rate is applied in 15 miniute increments. See the chart below for a breakdown of the Overtime Rates.


Main Hall Youth Annex
15 min. $70.31 $43.83
30 min. $140.63 $87.66
45 min. $210.94 $131.49
1 hr. $281.25 $175.32

Event End Time:

  • Events must end by 10PM.
  • If you would like your event to extend to 11PM there is an additional fee of $100.
  • If you choose to extend your event to 11PM, you are still required to finish cleaning and vacate by the end of your reserved rental time.
  • Rentals may not end later than 12am.

What’s the difference between the rental and the event time?

  • Your rental time is your full reservation time. This is the entire time you will be using the facility. The rental time will start with your setup and end with your breakdown.
  • Your event time is the time duration of the event itself. It is the time during which you except guests/attendees to be present.
** Example of a typical 12-hour event rental: **

Reservation Deposit

A Reservation Deposit is due in full at time of reservation. This deposit applies towards the Rental Fees. Reservations will not be held without the Reservation Deposit.

The Reservation Deposit:

    •  Guarantees that the rental space will be reserved for the date requested
    • Will be applied toward any fee incurred for cancellation
Main Hall Youth Annex
Resevation Deposit: $500.00 $250.00

Damage Deposit

A Damage Deposit is due in full at time of reservation. This deposit does not apply towards the Rental Fees. Reservations will not be held without the deposit. A full refund can be expected within 30 days after your rental if:

    • All Rental Agreement guidelines and policies are followed
    • No damage or theft has occurred to the facility – No extra time, equipment, or cleaning costs are accrued
Damage Deposit: Main Hall Youth Annex
$1000.00 $500.00


3. Additional Fees

Maintenance Fee (required)

$100 flat fee. The Maintenance Fee is ONLY for sanitary cleaning, restocking supplies, and for treating the floors with an approved solvent.

The renter is responsible for cleaning all areas impacted by the event (inside & outside) as detailed in the Rental Agreement, as well as the Renter Cleaning Procedures document that is posted in the facility and available by the Facility Host on the day of the event.

Additional Staff

All rentals will include one (1) member of SCCC staff (“Facility Host”) throughout the entirety of the reservation. If additional staff is needed for the event, either by request of the renter or required at the discretion of SCCC, the fee will be an additional $20/hour per extra staff member.

“Extras” (optional)

These extras must be requested at least 30 days prior to the rental and are subject to availability.

Projector + Screen $25
Pop-Up Tent $15
Microphone(s) + Stand/Podium $20
Labyrinth Reservation $100


Sample Estimate

This estimate is based on a 12-hour private event rental, during “peak season” in the Main Hall.

Rental fee (including payment of $500 Resevation Deposit) $2,256.00
Maintenance Fee $100.00
TOTAL $2,356.00
Refundable Damage Deposit $1,000.00

4. Cancellations

Any cancellations must be received in writing and acknowledged by SCCC staff. The following cancellation schedule is based off of your event/rental date:

Cancellation Period Penalty
60+ days before rental
Administrative fee of $50.00
Late Cancellation
30-59 days before rental
50% of the Reservation Deposit
Late Cancellation
Less than 30 days before rental
100% of the Reservation Deposit



It is at SCCC’s sole discretion to approve or deny a request for rescheduling. Rescheduling must be approved by the Programs & Events Manager. In the event of an approved rescheduling, the existing Reservation Deposit becomes non-refundable, regardless of the cancellation schedule above.

If a rescheduling is approved less than 30 days from the original event date, a new Reservation Deposit must be paid by the renter.

Insurance Requirement

All renters are required to provide SCCC with a Certificate of Liability Insurance and an Additional Insured Endorsement. If you are serving alcohol at your event you will also be required to provide Liquor Liability Insurance (typically available via your insurance carrier as an add-on to the Liability Insurance).

See the document below for full details.

Cleaning Policies & Procedures

Please return the hall to the condition you found it. You will incur additional charges if extra cleaning is required by our staff.

To ensure full refund of Damage Deposit, renter must do the following:



  • Clear all trash & decorations
  • Empty all trash & recycling cans (recycling & trash dumpsters located on northeast side of Main Hall
  • Replace all trash can liners (liners provided by SCCC; no liners in recycling or compost)
  • Return chairs to racks
  • Return tables to storage
  • Sweep all rooms used
  • Spot-mop spills
  • Remove all items brought into the facility


  • Remove decorations & equipment
  • Pick up trash


  • Wipe down thoroughly
  • Wipe down all accessories on bar
  • Bar should not be sticky or smell like alcohol


  • Dump food debris in compost bins
  • Do NOT scrape food into sinks
  • Allow grease to cool & dispose of properly. Do NOT dump into sinks.
  • Clean spills & food remnants off all surfaces including: walls, sinks (inside/outside), & floor
  • Clean off any carts used
  • Remove all food, drink, garbage, boxes, recycling, etc. from facility
  • Remember to check the refrigerator & freezer! (any food left will be disposed of)
  • Clean spills & food remnants from refrigerator, freezer, stove & oven (inside/outside)
  • Sweep kitchen floor and mop if needed
  • Return all borrowed equipment

Renter, Vendor, & SCCC Staff Responsibilities

Renter Responsibilities

Include but are not limited to…

  • Ensuring that all individuals involved with the event including hired vendors (catering, music, etc.) and guests, comply with the Facility Rental Agreement. See Renter Rules Review Sheet for summary – however, be aware that Renter is still liable for guidelines outlined in this Rental Guide and the full Facility Rental Agreement. We highly recommend you provide copies of these documents to all assistants & vendors!
  • Supervise all individuals, including children, at the facility and adjoining property during the event; SCCC staff is not responsible for providing supervision. Main Hall renters: the Green Room is meant as a private area for the Guest(s) of Honor – it is not a space for children to play
  • Bring supplies needed to decorate and operate the event
  • Provide accurate/updated event information to SCCC staff prior to the event. All information listed in Step 3 of Securing a Reservation above. Optional extras as listed under the Additional Fees section of this guide
  • Immediately report any personal injuries or property damage that occurs during the use of the facility and adjoining property to SCCC staff
  • Ensure all equipment and supplies borrowed from SCCC are returned to the Facility Host before departing. Cost of replacing any missing or damaged items will be deducted from the Damage Deposit
  • Ensure that clean-up post-event has been completed as outlined in the provided Renter Cleaning Procedures, returning the facility to the condition it was found upon start of the reservation
  • Be present at the end of the rental until all guests and vendors have left the facility
  • Review and sign off on the Event Report with the Facility Host before departing
Renter/Vendor Responsibilities
  • Inspect non-SCCC equipment brought into the facility (personal, rental, decor, furniture, band & DJ equipment, etc.) upon arrival to ensure it will not damage the floor. Provide proper floor protection from abrasions or moisture as needed
  • Decorate, set up rental equipment, secure services, and clean up after the event, all within the rental time
  • Provide supplies such as bus tubs, carafes, towels, extension cords, etc.
  • Place carpet over cords and under equipment as needed to protect floor
  • Become oriented with the facility during a pre-event meeting. SCCC staff will be on site to answer questions
  • Maintain a clean station and collect belongings throughout facility for duration of event
  • Ensure the only flame used inside is the Sterno for chafing dishes, which must be monitored at all times. No indoor propane allowed.
  • Ensure that heating elements are not placed against the building wall (interior or exterior)
  • Keep walkways accessible or when required use proper barricades around station for safety
  • Check with staff regarding power needs in kitchen (to prevent overloading the breaker)
  • Food scraps and oil are to be disposed into garbage cans, not down the sink drains. There is no garbage disposal or dishwasher.
SCCC Staff Responsibilities
  • Enforce facility and City of Sebastopol policies, rules, & guidelines
  • Ensure event stays within reserved time
  • Work with Renter (or assigned contact) to dismiss guests displaying inappropriate or disruptive behavior, & any trespassers
  • SCCC staff reserves the right to shut down the event if false information was provided during the reservation process, or if at any time the staff feels the event is inappropriate or unsafe for patrons and staff
  • SCCC staff reserves the right to shut down the music if Renter fails to comply with the sound policy
  • Provide direction during clean-up including providing approved cleaning supplies and directing the appropriate storing of SCCC borrowed property
  • Confirm the used facilities have been sufficiently cleaned and review and sign-off on the Event Report with the Renter

Rental Policies

Facility Policies
  • Room capacity and the number of guests will periodically be monitored and strictly enforced at the discretion of SCCC
  • Only one entry point/door will be allowed – all guests must enter through the same door
  • Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Renters cannot block access to parking unless approved by SCCC and/or the City of Sebastopol
  • SCCC is not liable for lost or stolen items
Children Policy
  • All children attending your event must be supervised – under no circumstance are children allowed into any non-rented areas
  • SCCC staff will not supervise children
  • Main Hall renters: the Green Room is meant as a private area for the Guest(s) of Honor – it is not a space for children to play
  • Additional fees will be assessed if at any time it becomes necessary for SCCC staff to respond to a disturbance(s) caused by unattended children in your party outside the designated rental area
  • Children are not permitted to climb on furniture or play/jump off the stage (Main Hall) or deck (Annex)
Security Policy

SCCC reserves the right to require licensed police officers or security guards for all rental events. The number of police officers or security guards and the cost for these services will depend on the number of people attending and the discretion of SCCC. The cost of police officers or security guards shall be the responsibility of the Renter.

Generally, we do not require Renters to hire security.

For celebration events: If you feel security will be needed for your guests, we are not the right venue for your gathering.
Alcohol Policy

Intent to serve and/or sell alcoholic beverages must be communicated to SCCC at least 30 days prior to the event and requires a specific start & end time for serving. Hard liquor (including mixed drinks) are not allowed. Only beer and wine is allowed.

Violation of the alcohol policies and Alcohol Use Rules may result in the forfeiture of the Damage Deposit, and may result in the event being shut-down.


  1. The legal minimum age for drinking alcohol in California is 21 years
  2. Serving alcohol to minors is strictly prohibited and it is the responsibility of the renter to ensure that minors are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages at the facility
  3. The renter and his/her guests must not allow minors to carry, deliver, serve, or drink alcohol
  4. Drinking is not allowed outside the rental space, in the parking lot, or on surrounding property
  5. Alcohol consumption by the renter and/or guests outside rental space will be considered a violation of alcohol use rules
  6. Beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) must be served in clear cups or in their original container

i.e. Sweet Sixteen parties, Quinceañeras, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, children’s birthday parties, baptisms, etc.:

  • The total period for alcohol consumption can be no more than 5 hours
  • The renter must provide a designate a bartender who is 21 or older to supervise the bar area and serve as bastender during the period when alcohol is served
  • All drinks must come from the designated bar – no alcohol may be passed out or placed on tables. It must come from the bar.


  • Alcohol consumption can begin no earlier than the event start time and must end no later than 30 minutes before the event end time.


  1. Alcohol service must be limited to a designated bar area inside the rental space
  2. The renter must provide a designate a bartender who is 21 or older to supervise the bar area during the period when alcohol is served
  3. All drinks must come from the designated bar – no alcohol may be passed out or placed on tables. It must come from the bar.


  1. Above requirements apply
  2. Alcohol service is limited to adults with armbands or a unique indelible ink hand-stamp
  3. Photo ID is required to receive armbands/hand-stamp if person appears under the age of 30
DJs/Bands Policies
  • Cords need to be secured, especially in areas guest will be passing through
  • No tape of any kind is allowed on Annex Main Room floor – please use mats instead
  • Pyrotechnics, including cold sparks, are prohibited
  • Fog machines must be approved by the Programs & Events Manager at least 30 days prior to the event
  • Amplified sound within facilities must be kept at appropriate levels – see Sound Policy Agreement
  • SCCC staff reserve the right to shutdown music if warnings regarding sound level are not addressed

It is encouraged that the DJ/Band schedule a time to visit the facility prior to the event date to tour the Hall and ask any questions (i.e. electric outlet availability, sound policy, etc.).

Decorating Policy

It’s the responsibility of the Renter to make sure that all those assisting with setup and decorating adhere to the following:

  • Renter’s decorations and setup plans require pre-approval by the Program & Events Manager
  • NOT ALLOWED: glitter, confetti, helium balloons, real rose petals
  • DO NOT: attach anything to the black wall curtains in the Main Hall
  • DO NOT: use nails, screws, or glue to attach anything to the walls, floors, or doors
  • DO NOT: use tape of any kind on the floors of the Annex
  • ONLY use Gaffers Tape or Blue Painters Tape on surfaces
  • Candles & incense are only allowed with pre-approval by the Program & Events Manager and must be in approved holders
  • Pyrotechnics, including cold sparks, are prohibited
  • Fog machines must be approved by the Programs & Events Manager at least 30 days prior to the event
  • Alcohol may not be consumed by anyone assisting with setup or cleanup
Policy Regarding Outdoor Spaces
  • Use of Grills/BBQs must be approved by SCCC & are only allowed in designated areas. Those designated spaces are generally as follow: Main Hall – east side of Main Hall, in the Basketball court or outside the Green Room. Annex – deck near Side Room door.
  • Only gas Grills/BBQs are allowed
  • Exterior doors must remain closed while amplified sound is in use
  • Alcohol is NOT ALLOWED outside, with the exception of the Annex deck (Annex deck is only for use of Annex rentals)
  • Smoking/vaping is prohibited inside the facility, and within 100 feet of an entrance
  • Littering outdoors is prohibited

Parking Lots

  • No one will be allowed to loiter in the parking areas
  • No alcohol consumption allowed in parking areas
  • Parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Additional parking is located behind the Annex


Please read carefully & contact us if you have any questions

Step 1:  Submit Rental Application

    • Located at the bottom of this page

Step 2:  Schedule Facility Tour

    • Call or Email to schedule tour sccc@seb.org (707) 823-1511 (se habla español)

Step 3:  Pay Reservation & Damage Deposits to Reserve Date

    • Schedule an appointment sccc@seb.org or (707) 823-1511 (se habla español)
    • Credit card is preferred

Step 4:  Sign Rental Agreement

    • Sign rental agreement and return via email or mail to: 390 Morris St. Sebastopol, CA 95472

Step 5:  Provide Liability Insurance Certificate (COI)

    • You may email this to sccc@seb.org or mail to: 390 Morris St. Sebastopol, CA 95472
    • This must be receive no later than 60 days prior to your event date. Late or missing COI will put your rental at risk of cancellation.
    • IMPORTANT: Please be sure you follow the requirements carefully. The Sebastopol Community Cultural Center and the City of Sebastopol must both be listed as Additional Insured. We can provide a copy of the insurance requirement to you to give to your insurance agent. Please also be sure to include the alcohol coverage if you are serving alcohol at your event.

Step 6:  Provide Remaining Rental Details At Least 60 Days Prior to Event

    • Catering or Food Service/arrangements
    • Music (Band/DJ)
    • Event planner/decorator
    • Bar Service
    • Event Contact Person
      • This person must be present & responsible throughout the entire rental time
      • This person must sign the Pre-Event Rules Review sheet
    • Floor plan layout

Step 5:  Payment Due In Full No Later Than 30 Prior to Event

    • A courtesy reminder will be sent regarding final payment due in full on 10 days. If you have authorized your credit card to be charged for final payment it will be processed in 10 days (please remember this is a courtesy & payment is due regardless of receiving the reminder)
    • ALL remaining fees are due 30 days prior to the event
    • If a credit card has been put on file for final payment it will be processed at this time
      • If card declines, rental party will be contacted for new form of payment
      • If new form of payment is not provided within 3 business days, the reservation will be at risk of cancellation and forfeit of full Reservation Deposit
    • This is also the final opportunity to add optional extras to the reservation (projector, pop-up tents, etc.)

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