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Dear Sebastopol Community,
We are working hard to get our building back! We have had fundraisers and donations that are very much appreciated and so relieved to have this amount coming in. We’ve been forced to cancel three private event rentals (in March), move 3 of our concerts, and move or cancel many classes. This affects our revenue, and the fundraisers are keeping us afloat and able to focus on re-opening. As the re-building plans shape up we will share the dreams with you, so you can see where your money is going and what we still need help with.
When we put ourselves back together our focus is on re-opening more flood resilient, more functional, more comfortable and more beautiful for our wonderful community, for our concert go-ers, for our kindergymers, for our quinceañeras, for our young families, for our jazzercisers, for our ping pongers, for our teens, for our city council meetings and for our town halls.
Thank you again, we’ll keep you updated on the re-build progress :)


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us: SCCC Mailbox

Community Center Flood

We thank the community for coming together to help us! We can't do it without you!!

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