Continuing Rental Instructors

This page is for instructors who are currently renting, or have rented in the past 6 months.


All continuing Instructors are expected to keep track of their current rental agreement and contact the Program & Events Manager via email ( at least 2 weeks before their current agreement expires. Priority will be given to Instructors who do so.

Notification of intent to continue:

If you intend to continue your rental(s) with SCCC, please send an email to the Program & Events Manager ( with the following:

Your email should include:

  1. Class title
  2. Reservation time & day(s) of week
  3. Desired class dates for the next quarter
    Q1 January-March
    Q2 April-June
    Q3 July-September
    Q4 October-December
  4. Dates to exclude (holidays, vacations, etc.)
  5. Class detail changes (description, registration fee, etc.)
  6. Requested changes, if any (day of week, time, room assignment)

Other continuing Instructor responsibilities:

1) Keep track of your Certificate of Insurance (COI)

When expiring, please submit a renewed COI as soon as possible. Failure to have a current COI on file with SCCC will prevent your use of SCCC facilities until a valid COI is provided.

Have a renewed COI to submit? Email to

2) Maintain an updated/accurate class listing with SCCC

Regardless of a class being private or public, all class rentals must provide the Programs & Events Manager with class details. This is especially important if you DO want your class publicly listed on SCCC’s website. Instructors can review their public class listings via the classes page and the calendar. This information will also be used when listing the class in the SCCC newsletters.

Have updated class information to submit? Submit here.

Notification of intent to end class rentals:

Whether temporarily or premanently, please notify the Programs & Events Manager no less than 2 weeks before the end of your current agreement.


Please note there may be occasional unavailability of the shown “available” days/times & Saturdays in the Main hall are often unavailable due to event rentals

PURPLE = Main Hall  |  Orange = Annex



Instructors are required to adhere to the policies on this webpage and within the Rental Agreement.

1) Insurance Requirement

SCCC requires liability insurance for all classes and Instructors. The policy must name the City of Sebastopol and Sebastopol Community Cultural Center as additional insured with $1,000,000 liability.

If you have substitute Instructors for your class, SCCC must be notified, provided with their contact information, and they must also adhere to all SCCC policies and insurance requirements.

Please refer to the document below for full details.

2) Reservation Accommodations

Room assignments will be made based on suitability and availability. Any change in room assignment before or during the reservation period may be made at SCCC’s discretion for any reason, including the accommodation of SCCC scheduling needs. SCCC will make good faith efforts to inform the Instructor as soon as possible of room assignment changes, so as to reduce inconvenience to Instructor and participants. If SCCC is unable to accommodate the displaced class, Instructor will be credited for any class meetings cancelled by SCCC to accommodate SCCC scheduling needs.

3) Non-Use Policy

Rental fees apply for times and days a room is reserved for an Instructor, regardless of the class being held.

In the case where cancellation is out of your control because SCCC has closed the facility (i.e., Sonoma County mandates a lockdown or there is a natural disaster), Instructor will not be responsible for the payment of fees due for the days impacted by those closures.

4) Class Meeting Cancellation

In case of emergency or illness THE INSTRUCTOR must inform all students and SCCC of the cancellation.

No unauthorized users: Instructors are not allowed to substitute another person as instructor without notification of, and approval by, the Programs & Events Manager. Please remember that all substitutes are also required to provide liability insurance which meets all requirements described above.

5) Rental Reservation Cancellation

If a rental reservation, or portion of a reservation (e.g. 2 weeks of a 4-month reservation), is cancelled less than 30 days prior to the reserved date(s), a $25.00 non-refundable cancellation fee will be due to SCCC.

6) Room Policies

Class spaces at SCCC are limited. SCCC assigns rooms and reserves the right to make room changes whenever necessary. Instructors must be respectful and considerate of other instructors by leaving the class space clean, orderly, and in a timely manner. Any complaints about the class space should be directed to SCCC staff.


  • It is the responsibility of the Instructor to manage their classes
  • The Instructor and participants are to be in their class during the scheduled time, eliminating disruptions to other events in the building


  • Instructors must limit their class to their reserved room(s)
  • Any other need for class space (e.g., make-up classes, check-in space) must be cleared with SCCC beforehand
  • All exterior doors in the building should remain locked unless constantly monitored


  • Use of class space is restricted to the reserved time booked with SCCC
  • As a courtesy, Instructors are allowed 15 minutes for set up time before class begins and at its conclusion for breakdown
    Please be mindful that these 15 minutes may be shared with the Instructor before or after you


  • It is the Instructor’s responsibility to clear and reset the room after their class
  • The class space must be clean and all trash disposed of in proper receptacles
  • Equipment should be taken with you OR if you have been given permission to store equipment onsite:
    1. All equipment should be stored as compact as possible to conserve the limited storage space
    2. All equipment/containers should be returned to the same spot in the storage space after each use
    3. All equipment/containers should be clearly labeled with your name
      If you are willing to make your gear available for use by other Instructors/students, please indicate that on your label
    4. Please use ONLY the equipment you bring unless an Instructor has labeled their equipment as being available for others to use


  • Turn the thermostats to “off” & turn off all fans in the room
  • Turn off any additional lights used (stage lights, floor lamps, etc.)
     All overhead lights should be on a timer and can be left on
  • Check to see that all doors and windows to the outside are closed and locked
     Annex Main Room Renters: please double check all latches on sliding doors (5 locks per set of doors)
    Main Hall Green Room Renters: Please make sure the exterior door is closed tightly
  • If you do not have anyone using the space after you, please set the ADT alarm using your personal code.
    Need a refresher? Please email for a copy of the instructions.
    Not sure if someone is coming in after you? Set the alarm. (Better safe than sorry!)


  • No smoking, Styrofoam, confetti, glitter, or helium balloons are permitted in the class spaces
  • Candles or incense must be approved by SCCC staff & must be in sheltering containers/holders


Unless otherwise requested by the Instructor, classes offered via Instructor rentals will be included on our website calendar and navigatable via our class listings.

If you have a flyer and/or images to share for your class, please email to so that they can be added to our website and posted on our bulletin boards.

If you do not see your class listed on our website, either…

A) We have not received your intent to continue your rental
B) We have not been provided your class details

If B: Please use the form HERE to submit your class information*

*Instructors who have been teaching at SCCC prior to 2022 and have not provided class details directly to Tanya, please do so via the link provided.


  • Tag us in your Instagram or Facebook posts about your class!
    ♦  It may not always be possible for our marketing coordinator to share all your posts, but they will do so whenever they can – we want to support your classes!
  • TIP: If you have any videos to share for your class, we’ve found they do quite well on social media! (feel free to send us your videos directly so we can post them as well!)

Frequently Asked Questions

I've been away for a few months and it's the middle of a quarter (e.g. February), do I need to wait until the next quarter to resume renting?

No. We try to establish ongoing renters on the quarter system in order to make it easier for all to plan, but you do not have to wait until a new quarter begins.

That said, please keep in mind that your previous day/time may no longer be availabe and it may take some time to coordinate your return within the current availability.

How do I know which dates/times and rooms are available to book?

There are a lot of moving parts with our facility bookings which makes it difficult to be able to share a live view of our booking calendar. That said, we will be updating the “Current Availability” section at the top of this page on a regular basis in order to give the best view of open slots.

Again, given all the moving pieces, the availability shown cannot be guaranteed – but we’ll try to keep you informed as best as we can! 🙂

If I book regularly, am I guaranteed to be able to book my dates every quarter?

We make note of ongoing class rentals on the booking calendar maintained by the Programs & Events Manager so that we can make every effort not to book something else on those times/days.

That said, occasionally something will come up internally and a specific date can become unavailable for a class(es). When that happens you will be notified when booking for the affected date’s quarter, or as early as possible.

We understand the importance of consistency for all Instructors and their classes, so again, whenever possible this is avoided, but we appreciate your understanding when those rare instances occur.